Hardware Kits

Hammock and Oakweave Chair Extra Kits. Convenient way to use your hammock or chair in additional locations.

Safe and strong. Identical to original hardware sold with your hammock or chair.

All hammocks and chairs ship with one complete hanging hardware kit.


  • Hammock Hanging Kit

    Hardware accessory kit provides a convenient and safe way to hang your hammock from wooden supports or trees. Allows fine-tuning of the hanging tension to perfectly suit your personal preference. Please note that all hammocks ship with one complete set of hanging hardware included.

    SKU: 12000

  • Oakweave Chair Hanging Kit

    Fits the Oakweave Hanging Chair. The Oakweave is supplied with the necessary hardware for hanging at the time of sale. An extra hardware kit is convenient for using your Oakweave chair in more than one location.

    SKU: 12010

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