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Sailboat Hammock


Weight 9.00 lbs
SKU 10320
Our Price: $189.99


The Sailboat Hammock is uniquely designed to fit on standard rigging of the majority of sailboats. This hammock has three connection points which provide unequaled stability—will not tip, swing, or flip.

Ideal for all anchorages and may be placed in the shade of the mainsail cover or on the opposite sunny side, depending on preference.

In calm conditions may be used underway, while jib-sailing or motoring. During fair weather and especially on warm nights, Sailboat Hammocks can serve as additional stargazing berths.

Three favorite configurations offer unrivaled versatility:

Bed and harnesses made of Envirope® (recycled polyester, mostly from soda bottles)
Harness rings are polished 316 stainless, marine-grade highly corrosion resistant
Stretcher bars are hand-finished with two coats of protective varnish.

Dimensions and capacity:
Head stretcher width: 44 inches
Foot stretcher width: 22 inches
Length overall: 8 feet
Capacity: 350 lbs

Placement and mounting information can be found on this page of our site.
Also marketed under the name Coolnet Hammocks. Handmade in the USA.