Craft Fairs

Craft Fairs

Twin Oaks Hammocks at Craft Fairs

Twin Oaks Hammocks, Hanging Chairs, and hammock accessories are sold at various festivals and fairs in the Eastern US, at indoor and outdoor venues. In some cases depending on booth space, our crafters demonstrate the traditional techniques of hammock weaving and knotting.

If we're exhibiting in your area, please drop by to see our booth!

Below are venues for 2022 (info current as of March 8, 2022). This is the first year since the start of the COVID pandemic that we are going to craft fairs again. We are starting up slow and only plan on going to 2 shows. We hope to attend more fairs next season. For more information please contact us by phone or email (see bottom of this page).

City / State Name of Event Event dates Status
Richmond VA
Arts in the Park
4/30 - 5/1 Accepted
Kutztown PA Kutztown Folk Festival 7/2 - 7/10