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  • I bought a hanging chair at the Berea Festival about 10 years ago. I have it on our front porch. Folks always migrate to it naturally. Love it!

    Jenifer Whitehouse

    Who rated us 10/10, 08-01-2020

  • Where to begin? With Zenny at Twin Oaks Hammocks. Short history: I was in BIG trouble having procrastinated in the purchase of my wife's fast approaching 70th birthday gift. Always clueless about what to get for my bride, it dawned on me that she's always wanted a rope hammock. And now we live in bucolic Rockbridge Baths, Virginia, so the elements are perfectly aligned for such an outdoor addition. In panic mode I started searching for THE hammock. Until I connected with Zenny at Twin Oaks, my situation appeared hopeless, but Ms Z sped to the rescue. Not only did she arrange for a hammock & stand purchase, but when she found out the stand delivery might be delayed, she alerted me via e-mail & re-engaged the process. Everything is now settled, and the love of my life has been spared a life prison sentence for having justifiably murdered me! Thank you, Zenny & Twin Oaks Hammocks.

    Ted Chalgren


    Who rated us 10/10, 07-10-2020

  • My son gave me my "haddock" (hammock, he was only 3) for Father’s Day 24 years ago. I am still using that same hammock today. I’m sure it still has many more years left. Thanks for making such a great product

    Brandon Akers

    Who rated us 10/10, 06-29-2020

  • I bought my first TwinOaks Hammock in 2001. Built my backyard sanctuary and enjoyed it, lasting the outdoor elements for 18 years, and I was luckily able to make out the company name & number to order me another one last year. This new one will last twice as long, now that I bring it in for the winter!

    TT. Hare

    Who rated us 10/10, 06-17-2020

  • About 30 years ago I had a Twin Oaks Hammock. They make the best hammocks in the world! I needed a new one and Twin Oaks read my mind -- they sent me a promotional email on the very day that I was planning to look them up and order a new hammock. What an amazing company!

    Eileen Hamper

    Who rated us 10/10, 06-17-2020

  • I love my Twin Oaks multi-color hammock which I have had for over 15 years. It still is amazing and I cannot wait for them to start custom orders again so I can re-order this one. I have a second location in mind already. Love, love, love it! A Virginia lady living in New Hampshire now so trying to share the news about this great product!

    Jeannine Bryant-Blood

    Who rated us 10/10, 06-14-2020

  • The Butterfly Hammock is a summertime game changer. Comfortable and supportive in multiple positions, it’s as easily a rocking outdoor couch as it is solitary napping haven (for me and my pup!). Excellent quality, amazing customer service, and unrivaled comfort. You won’t be sorry you bought a Butterfly Hammock -- just ask for help if the new design is a bit perplexing at first!

    amy overby

    Who rated us 10/10, 05-30-2020

  • We bought 2 of swinging hammock chairs about 40 years ago after seeing them at Tides Inn, VA. The rope webbing is finally failing so it’s time for a new one. Both adults and kids love them

    Bud LaChapelle

    Who rated us 10/10, 04-06-2020

  • Well I know what will be on my Fathers Day list. I just retired my hammock that was a gift from my Aunt in 1972 +/-. It was not used for about 12 of those 48 years but it could still hold three and sometimes four high schoolers but the rope was shedding too much so I decided to toss it, sad, but it was time. This is the hammock too get! Thanks for many years of enjoyment.

    john Noble

    Who rated us 10/10, 03-23-2020

  • I have had my Twin Oaks Hammock for over 20 years and have loved it. It's time for a new one though, so I'm back shopping for my next Twin Oaks Hammock! They are strong, durable, and well made - so it's a "no brainer" to be a return customer. I highly recommend!

    Suzanne Hammond

    Who rated us 10/10, 09-22-2019

  • I bought my husband one of your hammocks with the stand for Fathers Day in 2000. I am just now replacing the hammock...19 years of use is amazing!! We are thrilled with your products and I’m looking forward to getting an updated fabric!


    Who rated us 10/10, 06-29-2019

  • This is our 2nd Twin Oaks hammock. The first one lasted over 20 years! I received great customer service/guidance over the phone, regarding which would be best for our needs. Selected Silkspun Premium, family size, and it was wonderful. Highly recommend purchasing from Twin Oaks!


    Who rated us 10/10, 06-21-2019

  • My kids bought me my Twin Oaks Hammock in 2002. Just put it back up and it still looks like it is brand new. I can't wait for more HAMMOCK TIME!

    Mr. David Canfield

    Who rated us 10/10, 05-30-2019

  • My kids bought me my Twin Oaks Hammock in 2002. Just put it back up and it still looks like it is brand new. I can't wait for more HAMMOCK TIME!

    Mr. David Canfield

    Who rated us 10/10, 05-30-2019

  • We have had our Twin oaks Hammock for over 20 years. It is so comfortable and made with much quality. Priceless!

    Twin Oaks Hammocks

    Who rated us 10/10, 08-07-2018

  • I recently retired my first twin oaks hammock. It was my birthday gift in 1995, making it roughly 23 years old. If all things were made with as much care and quality, the world would be a much better place. I cannot wait to get my new one!


    Who rated us 10/10, 06-17-2018

  • We received our Twin Oaks Hammock for a Wedding Gift, what an amazing Fun gift. This year we are celebrating 20years, and our Hammock still is going strong. We have the Spruce green premium olefin rope hammock that is 5ft wide. The rope has never shown mildew or held an odor, we are in Michigan so for 20yrs we have taken it inside during the winter. No fading, looks very nice still despite the natural aging of the oak wood. We would recommend and buy again!!! Laurie, Michigan

    Laura Fuller

    Who rated us 10/10, 04-23-2018

  • My family bought a pair of hanging chairs back in the early 1980’s and those chairs have made us happy ever since! They’re still hanging, they still look and feel beautiful, and they are still great for lounging (one person, two chairs), and visiting (two people two chairs). Their sleek and stylish design has been drawing wow’s and Ahh’s for 35 years. A classic. Definitely buy two!

    Lori LaVel

    Lavel Homes

    Who rated us 10/10, 11-12-2017

  • I bought a couple of your hammock swings during a festival a year or so back. I can't tell you how many compliments I have received on them. Next festival I'm buying a couple more. They are so comfortable, we're actually fighting about who gets to sit in them...

    C K Debelius

    Who rated us 10/10, 03-31-2017

  • Received the hammock today. Love. Love. Love it!

    Vickie, Spring Arbor MI

    Who rated us 10/10, 03-31-2017

  • Just wanted you to know that we are really excited to get our new hammock. Quality and craftsmanship are your hallmarks. Thanks for a great product. Long live American craftsmanship!

    H Lehman, Virginia

    Who rated us 10/10, 03-31-2017

  • Almost 20 years ago we purchased a small cottage in Northern Michigan. Our first purchase was one of your hammocks. It has been a place to rock a baby, soothe a stubbed toe, snooze after lunch, gaze at the Milky Way, talk over teenage angst, and sleep under the stars.

    Karen and family, Farmington MI

    Who rated us 10/10, 03-31-2017

  • I received my hammock. Put it up. Love it! See you in about 20 years for a new one.

    Tom, Jacksonville Beach FL

    Who rated us 10/10, 03-31-2017

  • Best hammock we have ever owned!

    Toto Jost

    Who rated us 10/10, 03-31-2017

  • Thank you for fixing our hammock so quickly. You guys seriously make the most comfy hammocks ever.

    Scott, Baltimore MD

    Who rated us 10/10, 03-31-2017

  • I have 2 of your hammock chairs...purchased at the Philadelphia Folk Festival...Definitely a classic -- timeless design. Great work!

    Cindy, Harleysville PA

    Who rated us 10/10, 03-31-2017

  • I wanted to commend you guys for excellent craftsmanship that is hard to come by these days. It's been 20 years, and the swing has never been re-roped, and the wood has remained intact...survived through years of use between my grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles, and 15+ grandchildren.

    H Smith, Newnan GA

    Who rated us 10/10, 03-31-2017

  • This chair has always been my favorite!!! Great for sitting in to visit with friends, relax or a private place to sit while talking to best friends on the phone!

    Karen, Homosassa FL

    Who rated us 10/10, 03-31-2017

  • I am one major fan of Twin Oaks Hammocks!

    C M Henderson

    Who rated us 10/10, 02-28-2017

  • We love our new hammock, purchased at the Leesburg Flower and Garden Festival! (We also bought the pillow...)

    T S Azie

    Who rated us 9/10, 11-11-2015

  • These are nice looking, comfortable and sturdy hammocks.

    A Squier

    Who rated us 10/10, 11-07-2015

  • I got a hammock from you guys about 5 years ago and could not be happier with it. It still looks like new :)

    E M Allen

    Who rated us 8/10, 10-31-2015