Sailboat Hammock Mounting

Sailboat Hammock Mounting

Safety First

Follow installation directions carefully. Prior to each use, inspect your hammock, hardware, installation points and objects supporting your hammock for wear or weakness. Proceed carefully and take your time getting into and out of your hammock. Small children should not play unsupervised in your hammock. Maximum safe weight limit is 350 pounds (150 kg).

Sailboat Hammock Placement

To position over cabin top: One side of the Sailboat Hammock’s head stretcher attaches to the mast, spinnaker pole ring, or gooseneck. The other side of the head stretcher is tied to a shroud. The body of the hammock runs aft, and the foot stretcher attaches to the boom. The hammock may be similarly mounted to the mizzen.

To position over foredeck: With head stretcher tied to mast and shroud, take the foot forward and attach to the forestay or cutterstay.

Multiple hammocks may be utilized at the same time.

Important: The Sailboat Hammock must be removed during active use of the mainsail. This is the most stable hammock we’ve ever seen, due to three points of attachment. However, it is not intended for adverse or severe sea conditions, and should be stowed if extreme weather is expected.

Sailboat Hammock Installation

One side of the Sailboat Hammock's head stretchers attaches to the mast or spinnaker pole ring. The other side is tied to a shroud. The body of the hammock may be run aft (and attached to the boom) or run forward (and tied to the forestay or cutterstay).

Sailboat Hammock MoutingDirections for placement above cabin (free space next to boom is required):

1)The head (longer) stretcher bar has two stainless steel rings for connection points. With a short length of rope, attach one ring to the mast at boom level. A spinnaker pole ring or other hardware around the gooseneck may provide convenient attachment points.
2)Attach another line to the other head stretcher ring, and cinch this line to a shroud using a double clove hitch (essentially four half hitches around the shroud).
3)Take the shorter foot stretcher aft, over the cabin top, and tie a line from the foot ring to the boom. Direct this line over the top of the boom to gain additional height, and firmly tighten, so the hammock is stretched horizontally. If available, a reefing bail makes a handy attachment point.

When an optimal position is located, the knots to the Sailboat Hammock's three connection rings may be replaced with carabiners. Leaving the mounting lines in place allows the hammock to be suspended or removed in three easy snaps.

The Sailboat Hammock's may be similarly mounted to the mizzen.

Three favorite configurations offer unrivaled versatility:

1) “Full Repose”… by stretching the hammock tightly
2) “Reclined or Reading Position”…by loosening the foot line
3) “The Porch Swing Position”…by tying the side braidhigh on the boom or sailcover